"How I Went From Clueless Ex-Junkie To
4-Figure Day Online Without
An Email List..."

Well... I guess you could call me one of the lucky ones, really.


Well, look around and you'll see that most stories online read like this..."I spent nearly 10 years trying to make money online until I made my first dime.... I got in insane amounts of debt... Buying this product and that product. Got ripped of by so called mentors who turned out to be, scammers!They taught me nothing. I still didn't get the secret to tapping into the big money I know is there just waiting for me...

My marriage broke down because (apparently) I was giving my laptop more attention than the wife... and (apparently) spending more money on my laptop than my wife...

In fact, it got to the point where it was just me my laptop and the dog in the spare bed!...Women eh? If only she knew I was doing it all for her... us... Okay MY EGO!Eventually, My wife left... I lost everything! The house. The lot...That's when things started to get really bad!You see...

I'd maxed out all 27 credit cards and borrowed over $10,000 from the local loan shark. Well... $500 but you know what the APR is with them guys right? Anyways... $500 soon turned into $10,000 and I was in big trouble.​...How the hell was I gonna pay $10,000 back? Internet?

​It go so bad I had to sell my Grannies pearl necklace... Then my parents house... and then Grannies house to pay all the debt collectors and the loan sharks off. It was a close call. Apparently... (so I was told) I was just two hours away from getting a Chinese burn!... Things took a nasty turn when one of the local gangsters threatened to come round and give me a paper cut if I didn't pay the $10,000 back... Remember how bad they sting? Do you? Really? Do you?

I do!...​That was the real low point! I was terrified.He even told me that he was gonna find the most lethal cardboard that gives the worst paper cuts in Lancashire and torture me until I coughed up the $10,000... He wasn't joking either! ​This is how bad it got. All I wanted was to make money online in my sleep.​

Well... after selling my Grannies favorite Pearl necklace and her house... I had just over $2,000 left... so what did I do?... I got myself some more courses... another mentor (this time the real deal) and I got another dodgy loan from a big hairy ass bruiser... Then spent the next 4 years in hiding with a bounty on my head.

That's right... I got scammed again.

​Well what was I supposed to do? I wanted to be rich overnight.​ I wanted to work in my underpants... push a button and watch the money come flooding into my PayPal account. I know it's possible... Frank the guru does it. He told me in an email especially for me.

Well, it had my name on it... said top secret for your eyes only.​ Only I saw it.

So now I'm back in hiding. I owe money to everyone. ​And then suddenly after 4 years and 3 months living off just bread and water... holed up hiding in my bunker... With mind maps and workings outs on every wall... written in chalk like those old caves you see in documentaries... I finally cracked it!

I finally cracked the secret code to riches online... life was never gonna be the same again.I'd finally found the missing piece of the jigsaw.​I discovered the secret the gurus had been keeping from me all this time.

Over night I went from dead broke to having my own ATM machine. PayPal was spitting money out at me and I couldn't turn it off...I'd struck GOLD!

​Now I could pay the debt collector off and who knows... maybe employ him as security... I Bought my Granny a penthouse apartment, a log cabin by the sea, plus 2 Persion cats. AND the best Tea EVER! ...With a solid SILVER tea-pot.Now life's amazing!It's everything I could have dreamed of and more... I'll never want for anything again... but I just wish I could turn this ATM off sometimes.

Anyways...​If you ever find yourself struggling like I was... in hiding scared for your life because you owe the local loan shark $10,000... Guess what?IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

GRRRRR!!! Who made that one up? I cringe every time I hear, "it's not your fault!"It's the biggest load of rubbish. I swear now it will NEVER be on any of my sales pages.

If I ever have a sales page that is.

Some of these zero to hero stories do start to grind though don't they? I've heard enough to last me a lifetime to be honest. It's got to the point where they're all pretty much the same don't you think?

That first 45 minutes on a webinar is painful... Makes my bloody ears bleed!BOX---- "If you're not making mistakes then you're not trying hard enough!" ---BOX


If you've spent 3-5 years struggling and spending a fortune on all kinds of products. Trust me. It bloody well IS YOUR FAULT!

It just is! But... Don't think that I have no sympathy for you. I really have. I know how easy it is to get so overwhelmed in this business that you're buying this and buying that... to make up for what you lost on the last one.It's just like gambling!

I'm a recovering addict... So I know how we can get ourselves all screwed up!

It's really not that difficult.

In a way... I got lucky!Find Out How...Image---- Click here --- Image