The Man Behind The Way...


Ian G.

Hi there, I'm Ian G. Howarth. Welcome to my blog, website or whatever you want to call it. I don't want to ruffle any feathers. I know that some of you can be a bit precious when it comes to blogs and blogging.

Lets just call it my website because I'm not a blogger. I've tried to be in the past but I just can't stick at it.

Hat tip to all you patient and persistent bloggers. Man do you guys have some patience.

Me? Well I'm just trying to build my own creative little business.

The Why Behind The Way...

As with most internet marketers and online entrepreneurs I know online, I'm self taught after doing the dreaded 'how to make money online search' pretty much all of us did at some point. That search got many of us into a whole lot of trouble but we mustn't lose sight of the reason and the pain that drove us to typing those six often deadly words.

For me, I kinda had no choice. Or at least I thought I had no choice. You see I'd come to what I thought was the end of the road work-wise. Every job I have had in my life has been very physical. For the most part I've been in warehouse work; working long hard heavy shifts. We don't half push ourselves and take our health for granted for a wage packet don't we?

What happened to me could happen to anyone. Yet we never believe it will until it does and then the shit hits the fan.

I was doing my usual just shy of 15 mile cycle to my 12 hour night shift when bang! I was totally cleaned out by a van. A bloody Royal Mail van. I think the young lad driving was nearing the end of his shift, speeding and not paying attention. I can relate to that, but when you're driving a van, you need to be looking out for things like cyclists right?

Luckily for me, I walked away from the accident. I can't say the same for my bike though. My bike was an absolute right off. A mangled wreck. I was absolutely gutted! 

1. I loved that bike.

2. I was halfway to work and had no way of getting there now.

You see, I worked on the outskirts of Oxford. A difficult place to get to without transport. Anyway, I managed to get to work. I phoned my then girlfriend, threw my mangled bike in the boot of her car and asked her to drive me to work and hurry because I'm going to be late. She thought I was crazy going in, after being hit head on by a van

Three hours into my shift and I was thinking she was right. Why wouldn't she be? She was an A&E Nurse after all. I can tell you, once the adrenaline had worn off, I was in trouble. Within three house I was hurting everywhere, couldn't lift a thing, could hardly walk. So on the phone to my then lovely girlfriend again, asking this time to come and take me home.

That's really where my problems started. I don't recall ever doing a shift without pain after that night. Even after I'd been treated for whiplash and other injuries by a physiotherapist. Or physio-terrorist as my brother prefers to call them. He's used to the physios in the army. Personally, I could spend all day being pulled and twisted by a physio. But I'm a bit weird like that. 😉

So to cut a long boring story short. I ended up on the scrap heap! A broken mess of a man, in more ways than one.

This kind of thing happens every day. It's why I get so angry at our Government and the I'm alright Jack's who don't seem to have a mind of their own, or question anything they read in the tabloids. Each and every one of us can have our lives turned upside down by a freak accident, traveling to work in the blink of an eye.

Within minutes you can be made disabled for the rest of your life.

It's just people don't really think about it, until it happens to them, or someone very close to them. In the UK right now, our Government and the tabloids have managed to turn the poor working classes against the disabled. They've actually managed to convince the poor working class that all their problems are down to the disabled taking all their hard earned taxes.

They've actually, get this. They've actually some how convinced the masses that disabled people have a much better life than them, because they don't have to go to work. I'll end this here before I go off on a rant!

Now I'm not going to sit here and pretend to be disabled. I see what I class as disabled people and I feel for them so much with what's going on in our country. They are being treat worse than criminals. They are victims of hate crimes. I so easily could have been in a wheelchair now because like the idiot I am (was) maybe still am, I wasn't wearing a helmet. Cringe!

Being unable to work as I always have done, sent me to a very dark place. It took me back to a place I'd left in my late 20's. Bear in mind that I 39 when this happened. You wouldn't think one incident could have such a negative impact on your life. But it did. Pretty much instantly, I was feeling all the shame, embarrassment and anxiety that I'd spent years getting over.

You see what really happened in those seconds as the van slammed into me was over 10 years of bloody hard work getting my life back undone, just like that!

That's how I felt in the depths of depression.

Because I'd been over 10 years clean of Heroin. I was on top of the world. My life had never been better. Then just as I was going about my business, everything was ruined. It's strange how the mind works. But because I wasn't working, I felt shame. I felt like everyone was looking at me and judging me. All the anxiety had come back just like that. Almost overnight.

Holding a job down is a bloody huge sign that you're well. Your clean

We're complex things us blokes aren't we. I know I am. Too bloody proud that's my problem. I get hit by a van and all of a sudden I'm beating myself up blaming myself.

So this is what forced me into internet marketing.

They say every cloud has a silver lining don't they? It wasn't long until I was well and truly hooked. I dabbled in everything.

First off it was eBay. I sold all-sorts on there from Poppy seeds to concert tickets. I don't know why or what it was but I just seemed to have a real knack for getting attention and selling on there. I would take a look at everything about my competition and out do them. But my real secret weapon was my headlines and the copy I wrote in those listings.

I didn't know it at the time. But looking back now after all the studying I've done on Direct Response Marketing. I had a natural gift. Obviously a very raw gift. But I had something. I've wracked my brains trying to work out why I picked all this up so easily.

Was it the Psychology I studied?

Was it what I learned about people in Rehab?

sWas it the fact that I'd mastered the art of manipulation and pursuation in the 10 years I was addicted to heroin? 

It certainly wasn't anything learned in school. For one, I don't ever recall reading a book at school and I managed to get away with never ever writing an essay at school. The only lesson I excelled in was Art. All the rest got binned early on. I decided that they was never going to be of any use to me. Kids eh? Think they know it all haha.​

As an addict, you do become a master manipulator, sadly. It's probably a mix of all. But at least now I'd found a positive way to use these very raw talents that I'd discovered I possessed.

Now it was time to fine tune them.​

You know what it's like. Once you Google search 'how to make money online' you see some sights.

You see some big arse income claims.

You see a lot of BS!

It's just that when you're brand new, and you see headline after headline. YouTube video after YouTube video, all saying things like How I Made $2,527 In 2 Minutes On eBay, like an idiot you get sucked in. Well I did. I distinctly remember the huge claims and Turnkey Business claims. I fell for the lot of them. I was hungry, excited. I wanted a piece of the action.

Okay yes, I fell for the stupid get rich quick rubbish. But I'm not stupid. Deep down I knew that there had to be away to make a lot of money online. I knew somebody was. They had to be right? It made sense.

So off I set on a mission, in search of the money.​

In hind sight, what I was really doing was trying to get some dignity back. I wanted to be able to say, "I do XYZ!" if anyone asked. And I wanted status as well. Don't we all? I wanted to feel powerful, important, attractive even

I also wanted to make my dad proud. Touchy subject! As is my drug addiction and how it all started.

I'll tell you about the drug addiction and all my other dark secrets once we get to know each other. I'm not one for airing all my dirty laundry outside, for all to see. So yes, I'll tell you more another day.​

Deep down I needed some control back in my life. Earning lot's of money online was going to help with all this.

So it went a bit like this for about a year...

See a really brilliant course. Buy it, consume it (yes I was a good boy, I always consumed the courses) then put it down. Next day, I see a really intriguing email jumping out from my inbox. Open it. What do you know? Another very interesting course and yes, I needed this course. So I bought the course. Consumed the course. And it kinda went like this for a while.

Sound familiar?

Thing is, I was on these email lists of these really decent guys, that would tell me they had my back almost daily, who out the kindness of their heart, went right out of their way just to tell me what I needed to get rich online. "What?"... "They told you the same thing!?" ... "No way!" ..."This is a bloody scandal!".

We've all got similar stories haven't we? There are some right swines out there and to be honest. I really don't know how they sleep at night. They are dream stealers! They are feeding their kids with money made preying on people (often in pain) who are desperate for better things. And the worst part about this is; most of the people these so called "gurus" rip off... they aren't really asking for much. Most of them just want an extra bit of cash to make life a little easier. The aren't all chasing millions, like the sharks who pretty much steal their hard earned money with their exaggerations and lies.

After hearing some of the stories from my marketing buddies. I didn't do to bad. I was lucky. Most out there have gone through tens of thousands of dollars, without ever making a dime online. This really is when it stops being a joke and serious questions have to be asked.

This is exactly why I made a decision very early on to do it my way. The Ian G. Way.

Because from where I'm standing. It doesn't look like too many of the guys we all see out there. You know who they are. Well it doesn't look to me that they're being exactly ethical shall we say. Some of them are borderline criminals and I have no qualms in saying that.

There's a lot of lies being told out there. 

A lot of fake screenshots being shown

A lot of scheming going on.

So my advice to you is:

You go and educate yourself and educate yourself from the right people. Ask about in groups on Facebook. Do not get into the habit of buying low priced courses, because they rarely teach you a damned thing. In fact, I'd bet any money that I could find a top expert giving away much better information for free on YouTube.

If you're going to buy, pay big. Seriously, do not skimp on your education. Those $17 impulse buys will get you no where fast. Why do you think they're priced so low? It's because you'll think nothing of whipping out your credit card for them, but if you do that three times a week. Over one year, that's going to become expensive. 

Learn from the big guns that have been around a while. And don't try to learn everything. Another big mistake most of us make. I made them all. I was a proper little course junkie. Now obviously, I already have an addictive personality. So them courses where like crack to me...

It was only when a super affiliate showed me this guys system that was turning complete newbies into big earners, within days. Even though they had no email list, or website. Everything turned good for me online once I found this.

In fact, I was about to give up affiliate marketing until this.

It's gotta be the fastest and easiest way for the little guy to get rich online.