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“This Mistake Is Costing You Money Right Now!”

Do you have a download page? You know, those pages where your buyers download their product(s) from, after buying it/them from you?

If so, have you TESTED any of your download pages? Odds are it hasn't even occurred to you to do so. Why not? You're testing everything else in your business (or should be), so why aren't you testing your download pages?

Wait, I don’t sell anything on my download page, so why would do I need to test it?”

OKAY, let’s back up a little.

Any virtual real estate you have or own – including your download page(s) – can and should be selling something else for you. In fact, your download page(s) can be the PERFECT place for promoting other offers, because your customer just made a purchase from you. Meaning, they’re already in a buying mood. And who is it that buys products? BUYERS do. BUYERS buy products!

If you’re NOT promoting any offer at all on your download page(s), you're missing out on what may be thousands of dollars EVERY month, depending on how much traffic your page(s) get.

So how best do you promote other products on your download page(s)? Well forget flashy banners and anything that look like an ad. Simple is the best way, which is why adding a link to a list of all your download links will usually give you best results.

For example, if your download page has a list of videos, underneath the list you can place a link in exactly the same font making sure it's the same colour, offering your buyers a customer discount, on whatever product(s) you’re promoting at the time.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it – why not test it out for yourself.

When your buyers click this link, they are lead to a slightly different version of your sales page. At the top of the page, put a line or two letting them know that because of their purchase, they're entitled to a special discount on your other product(s) today.

Of course, you will want to make sure to remember to give them their discount.


    "This is my second chance at life and I don't plan on messing it up!"

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