Okay Ian, I’m listening, why are most IM guroos talking s**t, and why do you say the money isn’t in the list… 

Well, I’ve kicked up a bit of a storm here haven’t I?

Okay, But before I do, I first need to show you what I truly believe to be the only way for the little guy to succeed as an affiliate online today in the current state of affiliate marketing, how it works and why what most IM guroos advice on how to be an affiliate has become so fatally flawed.

Then we go deep on the four core pillars no ones talking about, okay?

Right then, you’ll agree that pretty much anyone can become an affiliate marketer, yes? Doesn’t cost anything, so far so good, right? 

Nice and easy.

You pick a product for example on Clickbank, and with a few clicks of your mouse, you’ve got yourself an affiliate link, right? 

Now it’s just a case of getting people clicking on your link, to see your offer and hopefully buy.

Ideally targeted traffic.

We’ll talk more about targeting traffic in a minute, first what I want you to tell me is, why when we get targeted traffic (people) clicking on our affiliate link and buying our offer, thus earning commissions from that offer as an affiliate are so many affiliates struggling?

Doesn’t seem right does it?

Why are so many affiliate marketers in 2019 struggling to make a significant income as mentioned earlier by Clickbank?

If the money is in the list?

Well, in simple terms it comes down to understanding the basics. Because as an affiliate, our goal is to make a profit right? 

That’s obvious.

So to do that, you have to consider a couple of things. First of all, the cost of the traffic to the offer, meaning the cost of getting people to see that offer in the first place. Secondly, the amount of commissions you received for the sales made.

I don’t want to state the obvious and insult your intelligence here, but if you’re more in commissions than it costs you to make the sales, then you’re in profit, right?

Then it’s a case of scaling up.

Problem is it isn’t working like this anymore. It’s here where you have the problem. Now you might think you have a traffic problem.

Most do,

But in reality, you don’t.

The truth is, the real problem lies in not making enough money back from the traffic you’ve paid for and sent.

There’s that much traffic available to us today, that you should never have a traffic problem because it’s all around us.

People are everywhere.

Therefore, why has it become increasingly difficult to make more back in commissions than the traffic costs?

Have you worked it out?

That’s right clever clogs, the cost of traffic and advertising is pretty much increasing every year, but not only that, most digital products and offers pay a relatively small commission to us affiliates, for the sales we make, the swine’s.

But fear not, yours greedy, has a masterplan to counter this.

Because, when you take into account the cost of traffic going up and the commissions received being low, we’re pretty much up the creek without a paddle, unless, yours greedy has a cunning plan, right?

More on that in a minute.

Because I’ve already said more than I planned to and you want to know why the IM gurus are killing your list building don’t you?

I’ve got the proof.

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