Lies, Lies, Lies,

All these lies are eating me up inside.

All this pretending is driving me up the wall, so from now on, I’m stopping listening to IM guroos, experts,and thought leaders, and started to listen to a super affiliate and media buying friend of mine.

 You’ll benefit from this hugely.

You see, I had a good long think about everything I’ve been doing online during some time out after my dad recently dying and I’ll be honest, I was thinking more about what I was getting wrong.

Than what I was getting right.

And as much as it pains me to admit it, I’d slipped into some bad habits like all the others *hint* *hint*

Selling the secret to the dream Chasing instead of giving value

And polishing up turds

And I stopped doing the four things every online business owner must get right in order to see success online.

Miss out even one of these for things and you’re in trouble.

Especially in 2019.

And it’s only gonna get worse as time goes on for anyone unaware these four things exist or for you, if you’re letting any of them slip, like me, not so long ago.

Or, if you’re doing them wrong.

So, buckle up as I bare my soul and beat myself up over all the stupid things I’ve done or not done in some cases.

You’ll wanna get yourself comfy, but first...

Grab your favorite beverage, pull up a decent chair, plonk your backside in it, turn off your phone (unless you’re using it to read this) and you sir, close down Facebook.

Thank you.

I want your undivided attention.

I’m sure you can pull yourself away for a few minutes, right?

Good, because the last thing you need are distractions right now, in fact, you might wanna grab yourself a pen and pad because I’ll be spewing up a few writer downers for you if you’re good and you pay full attention.

But first, let me ask you sumin…

Does it feel like everyone else online is breezing through life crushing it while you seem to be working your way through treacle?

Are you starting to feel a little jaded?

Stuck? Not knowing which way to turn?

Well, that was me two months ago when I finally made my mind up and walked away from a very lucrative product I was promoting.

I’d been struggling for months making very few sales towards the end.

Started out great in 2015 but over the years things changed, from social media, the product owner, the IM space, and of course me.

I’ve got to shoulder some of the blame.

Just like you now, you can’t possibly throw all the blame at other people but I’ll tell you something…

I know for a fact that you’ve been getting bad advice.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say the advice a lot of the very wealthy IM guroos are giving out is at best flawed.

And at worst downright dangerous to a beginner

Why would highly successful IM guroos give out such poor advice I hear you ask?

Well, you guess is as good as mine but I have a very good idea especially after what I’ve just seen going on inside a so called high level group.

Put it this way, the people stayed stuck, broke, and still paying.

And that’s after paying thousands.

Now does that sound like a murky world?

That’s why I’m done with IM guroos and why you should be too and that’s why I’m about to reveal how you never have to depend on those dirty little IM mother fucker guroos again by walking you by the hand through each four pillars of success by revealing how not to do it and the best way to make each one work for you.

Are you ready?

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